Abelard and Heloise - A Musical Drama

This is the very best kind of love story. It's true, absolutely true, based on the passionate letters of the lovers themselves and an autobiography by Abelard. This story is tragic, in the most intimate way you can imagine. At the height of their passion Abelard is castrated by Heloise's enraged uncle and relatives. Then, in his shame and horror, to add separation and waste to the recipe, Abelard orders Heloise into a nunnery, and becomes a monk himself. WEBSITE: www.abelardandheloise.net

Friday, January 11, 2008

Abelard and Heloise - Video on YouTube

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Abelard (Stephen Weller)
Copyright - C Robertson

Drogo (Andrew Benson)
Copyright - C Robertson

Market Scene (Chorus)
Copyright - C Robertson

Heloise (Sue Carson)
Copyright - C Robertson

Dinner Scene - Fulbert, Heloise, Hirsinde, Abelard
Copyright - C Robertson

The other lovers - Drogo (Andrew Benson) & Maria (Anne Rzechowicz)
Copyright - C Robertson

Abelard (Stephen Weller) and Heloise (Sue Carson)
Copyright - C Robertson

The Wedding Scene (Heloise, Fulbert, Abelard)
Copyright - C Robertson

Fulbert (Richard Thomas) & Alberic (Charlie Kedmenec)
Copyright - C Robertson

Three Jolly Monks
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Copyright - C Robertson

Profession Scene (Alberic, Heloise, Hirsinde)
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Some Reviews

“raves at its debut… a rapturous response… The libretto was one of the most impressive aspects… the accessibility of the music put it in company with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s work.”

From The Australian, 31 October 1997

“Abelard and Heloise was staged in concert version but even in its unfinished state it is a remarkable and exciting work.”

From CONDA Citation, 7 November 1997

“Composer Ross Fiddes and librettist Paul Kavanagh have turned a true love story from the 12th Century into a musical that should find a place in the 21st Century.”

From CONDA Citation, 7 November 1997

“Fiddes’ music is melodic, testing for singers and rewarding for audiences, whilst Kavanagh’s writing delights with its wit.”

From The Newcastle Herald, 13 October 1997

“Ross Fiddes’ music has a variety and beauty rarely found in contemporary musicals and Paul Kavanagh’s lyrics combine sparkling wit and heart-felt humanity.”

From CONDA Citation, 7 November 1997

“It has taken five years for Abelard and Heloise to get a full theatrical production since its first exciting appearance in a workshop staging but the wait has been worth it.”

“Fiddes’ music is a remarkable mixture of styles, from the sweepingly romantic to jaunty jazz, and Kavanagh’s lyrics have wit and bite.”

“With 35 performers and an orchestra featuring 25 musicians the ……. score ……. has never sounded lovelier.”

“This is a fully sung musical in the style of Les Miserables but there is more variety in its music and words.”

From The Newcastle Herald, 14 October 2002

“The current flavour of Abelard and Heloise is extraordinarily varied, ranging from operatic to near raucous……..I found Fiddes’ music most impressive when at its gentlest……..some of his lyrical outpourings both for orchestra and voice work extremely well….predictably, the lyrical passages for the lovers are very effective……..”

From Opera Opera, November 2002

“….Fiddes has written a score which is packed full of passionate melodies. He demonstrates assured skills of orchestration.”

From Music Forum, April 2005

A&H Photos

This blog contains some photos from the Premiere Season of the award winning Abelard and Heloise - A Musical Drama - Book & Lyrics by Paul Kavanagh, Music by Ross Fiddes.

The website may be viewed at: www.abelardandheloise.net